Just Taking Shots

Only did one session this week because it’s been really cold, and that was only a quick walk around a block for about 20 or 30 minutes. I had been out to dinner, and as is my kind of M.O., I brought my camera and went walking before going home. The area is a “newer” area of the city, close to the suburbs to the south. The buildings are newer, post war developments. There is some of the mid-century modern aspect to them, though they are more basic and represent perhaps the more generic version of the style.

Double Experiment No.1 © 2018 Tim Harincar

Double Experiment No.1 © 2018 Tim Harincar

Here’s the thing: when it’s 19F and dark it’s pretty damn hard to get all dressed and think of a location and leave my warm apartment to go shooting. It’s a lot easier if I find myself in some corner of the city I’ve never photographed for some other reason after dark. I’m out, I’m dressed, I’m there. A quick walk around is not much effort.

The only idea I had for the evening was to try some in-camera double exposures. The fuji makes that really easy and I have some ideas for how this could be cool at night. I knew that they would all fail, that really wasn’t the point. It was making the first attempt and just seeing what happened. My original idea was to change focus between shots and that wasn’t working right with the controls, so I need to figure that part out. I think the camera is holding the mode settings between the two shots… It also only does doubles in jpg format, so that takes a little bit of extra planning and/or processing. Like, I wonder if I change between film simulations between exposures?

I had some other experiments I’d thought about doing as well, but I didn’t want to hang out outside any longer, it was cold and I was tired. Perhaps the lack of motivation is a symptom of autumn, this “nesting” instinct we have when the weather turns cold and it’s dark all the time. On the other hand, I did add up the sessions I’ve done this year, and it now stands at 68. One per week was the goal I was shooting for, but classes and trips have added to that. I’ve shot a lot and it’s been fun. I’ve done sessions where I’ve taken like 7 shots in 4 minutes of one interesting thing when walking the two blocks between my apartment and the grocery store, and I’ve gone on multi-hour bike adventures around the city. For me the point isn’t how long I’m out or how many I take, just that I do something. Some of my better images have come from “bonus” sessions, like last night after dinner, because I’m relaxed and I’m just trying to make the best of a space that I’m in. Sometimes I give myself added pressure from a location that I’ve selected and gone to and had higher expectations.

Most of the time, however, I just feel good when I shot a few images. It doesn’t matter if they end up worth posting or not, it just the action that helps. Photography forces you to be present if you’re going to get anything at all. And that is a subject for another long post...